👋 I'm Jakub, a passionate Frontend Developer and Designer based in Katowice, Poland.

I've started my journey with web industry 10 years ago as a Graphic Designer. After 3 successful years I decided to incorporate my skills into frontend world. I know how to design, how to deliver and create the best user experience.

Throughout the years of working in different sectors and for a wide range of clients, including small private companies as well as large corporations, I have discovered and learned new technologies. This experience gave me a new fresh look into smooth functionality and how to bring the sites' and apps' design to life.

My past few years confirmed, that I am a real React and React Native enthusiast willing to cooperate with anyone involved in developing. Therefore, if you want me to take you to a new level of development, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or just call +48 698 126 712

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